Evad3rs Will Release Evasi0n iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak [Latest News]

Immediately after the last beta version iOS 7 GM was released (and you can download it now), a group of hackers team known as evad3rs started to analyze the code of iOS 7 to get its possible vulnerabilities. It can be used to create a tool to carry out the jailbreak. Thanks to the efforts of this team the world saw iOS 6 untethered jailbreak called evasi0n. Will iOS 7 untethered jailbreak be called evasi0n is unknown but i think it will be called so.

According to the information of one of the team members, @planetbeing, currently members of the team are checking the efficiency of existing exploits in the latest iOS.

Naturally, all of the tests conducted on the current devices – iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and others. It is worth noting that the new iPhone 5S is built on 64-bit processor and it will be another serious obstacle for hackers.

Regardless of whether evad3rs hack the iPhone, this is good news for the jailbreak community – the work on the project is underway.

Soon we will be able to jailbreak iOS 7, however, it is too early to rejoice. We don’t even known the approximate release date of the jailbreak, moreover, it is possible that there will be no jailbreak at all. Now hackers are at the very beginning – check whether it is possible jailbreak iOS 7 or not.

In any case , it’s nice to know that hackers from evad3rs find time for the project, despite the fact that they could engage in some more lucrative.

In turn, I will keep keep you informed on the development of jailbreak iOS 7.