Fake Jailbreak Sites and Scam Unlock Sites

iOS 7 is about to be officially launched. Some hackers assure they are able to perform untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3. Users believe they will soon be able to untether their iPhones and scammers are here to use this in their personal aims. Here is a list of fake unlock sites and jailbreak sources you must not visit.

You should not believe these websites even though they assure you can get untethered jailbreak for your iDevice on any firmware version using Evasi0n and RedSn0w tools. You will just get a message that says that the jailbreaking utilities are now in the process of upgrading or the site will send you a useless program that doesn’t work. Also you can check the list of fake untethered jailbreak software that promise to free your iOS but they are scam as well.

Fake Jailbreak / Unlock Sites

No iOS 7 / 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 Jailbreak

We are following all reliable hackers who are working on untethered jailbreak solutions for the latest Apple firmware. Right now there is no official utility released. Everything is in testing version and proves to work on particular iPhone models and hackers don’t share such programs with users.

It is necessary to make a research before you agree to download any jailbreak software. Avoid scams to protect your computer and privacy.

Beware Fake Unlock Websites

Not only jailbreaking promises are often scams but a lot of unlocking sites are fake as well. They promise you free solutions or ask you to pay money beforehand and never actually unlock your device. Thanks to iJailbreak.com we got a list of scam sites created by TheiPhoneWiki where everyone is welcome to contribute and add scam sources they came across.

It’s great that such website exists as all links added to these lists will be easily Googled to help users find scammers and not pay them money. If you are looking for real, I mean trusted unlocking sites and offer official unlock and have a great reputation follow this link and never be scammed.

Here is a full list of fake jailbreak / unlock sites. We’ll list those sources below that are already added to the site:




alphajailbreak.com Survey scam
blackwid0w.com Copy of evasi0n.com
downgradeiphone.com Sells a false promise (universal iOS/baseband downgrade) for $29
equsi0n.com Survey scam
evad3rsdevteam.com Survey scam, copy of evasi0n.com
evad3rsteam.com Survey scam
evasi0njb.net Copy of evasi0n.com
evasion-jailbreak.com Survey scam
evasi0n-jailbreak.net Survey scam, copy of evasi0n.com
evasionjailbreak.net Survey scam, copy of evasi0n.com
evasi0n-official.com Survey scam, loosely copied from evasi0n.com
evasl0n.blogspot.com Survey scam, copy of evasi0n.com
firest0rm.net Survey scam
future7ios7.com Survey scam
icysn0w.com Survey scam
ievad3rs.com Survey scam
ijailbreak-iphone.com Sells an unspecified tool for $19.95
ineedjailbreak.com Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $24.95
inj3ct3d.klikkit.co.uk asking for donations to publish a non-existent jailbreak
ios-6-1-4-jailbreak.com Survey scam
ipadjailbreak3.com Forwards to jailbreakunlock.org
iphone5break.com Sells unspecified tool for $49.99
iphonejailbreakplus.com Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $29.95
iphonejailbreak-unlock.com Sells unspecified tool for $27.00
jailbreakios7untethered.com Survey scam, all set up in advance for iOS 7
jailbreak-my-ipad.org Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $29.95 per month
jailbreak-team.com Sells an unspecified tool for $29.99
jailbreakunlock.info Sells unspecified tools for $19.95, $29.95, and $39.95
jailbreakunlock.org Sells evasi0n / redsn0w for $14.95
latestiphoneunlock.com Sells an unspecified tool for $9.95 or $29.95
pod2gblog.blogspot.com Copy of pod2g’s blog
purpletools.wordpress.com and all the other sites with similar stuff Scam – It sells PurpleRestore and other internal tools
redpois0n.net Survey scam
redsn0w-r9-new.blogspot.com Survey scam, text is ripped from Dev-Team Blog
rocky-racoon.com Survey scam, copy of Dev-Team Blog
safera1n.com Sells an unspecified tool for $24.99
silv3rwind.com Sells an unspecified tool for $20
unja1l.com Survey scam
7jailbreak.com  Scam


  • appleunlocker.com
  • cheapestiphoneunlock.com
  • classicunlocking.com     – JBQA spammer
  • deblocage-iphone-fr.com
  • desbloquear-iphone-pro.com
  • easy-iphone-unlocker.com
  • easyiphoneunlock.net
  • easyiphoneunlocking.com
  • easyra1n.com
  • easyunlockiphone.net
  • easyunlockingsolutions.com
  • iphone5break.com
  • iphone-factory-unlock.com
  • iphone-instant-unlock.com
  • iphone-unlock-pro.com
  • iphone-unlocker-pro.com
  • iphone-unlockme.com
  • iphoneunlockeasily.com
  • iphonelox.com
  • iphoneunlocker.org.uk
  • iphoneunlockersoftware.com
  • iphoneunlockfactory.com
  • iphoneunlockplus.com
  • iphoneunlockwiz.com     – Sells unspecified jailbreak/unlock tool for $29.97
  • mobileunlockguide.com
  • mobileunlocksolutions.com     – Affiliated with theunlockspot.com
  • mrunlock.com
  • phoneunlockguy.com
  • prounlocking.com     – JBQA spammer
  • simpleunlocking.com     – JBQA spammer
  • solutions-directme.com
  • superunlockiphone.com     – JBQA spammer
  • superunlockcodes.com
  • theunlockspot.com     – JBQA spammer
  • trusted-iphone-unlocker.com
  • ultimateiphoneunlocker.com
  • unlock4iphone.com
  • unlock-apple-iphone.com
  • unlock-iphone.org
  • unlockiphone.org
  • unlock-jailbreak.net
  • unlock-jailbreak-iphone.com
  • unlock-the-iphone.com
  • unlock-zone.com     – JBQA spammer
  • unlockaniphone.org
  • unlockboot.com     – JBQA spammer
  • unlockimeiiphone.com     – JBQA spammer
  • unlocking4u.com     – JBQA spammer
  • unlockiphone.net
  • unlockiphone3n4.com
  • unlockiphoneios5.com
  • unlockiphoneland.com     – Visit this one and then try to leave. Dead giveaway.
  • unlockiphonenow.org
  • unlockiphonepro.com
  • wickedunlock.com    – JBQA spammer. Site design circa 1995
  • ziphone.org

Update: The unlocking list was updated. You can see the new one visiting the source.

Via: iJailbreak, Source: TheiPhoneWiki

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