How To Solve WiFi Problems On iPhone Running iOS 6 | Resolved

Some our readers reports that once they installed iOS 6 on the iPhone or iPad they were experiencing problems with the Internet through Wi-Fi. Many new reports appeared on the Apple support site that the iOS devices could reached to the access points, but they couldn’t make any download from the web.

Most users report that the LED connection to the router is displayed as usual, but the data transfer such as downloading programs, access to social networks, etc. is impossible and that is really big problem. Some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can not connect to Wi-Fi at all.

fix iOS 6 wifi problems

According to third-party developers the problem is appeared due to temporary disability of the special page on Apple official site:

When you iPhone is connecting to this page it is sure that it connected to the Internet and is not required for example, entering an additional password for use of paid Wi-Fi. And because of the disability of that page your, for example iPhone 4S or iPad 3 got WiFi issues and you can only try to fix it.

iOS 6 WiFi Problem Fix

There are several ways to solve a problem with Wi-Fi on iOS 6:

Step 1. Go to Settings => Wi-Fi and turn On and turn Off the network.

Step 2. Restart your iPhone or iPad (it takes 5-10 seconds to holding simultaneously the Home and Power buttons, and then turn on as usual).

Note: If you jailbroke iOS 6 then you need to restart your device using Redsn0w to have no problems.

Step 3. After rebooting go to Settings => Wi-Fi => blue arrow (next to the network) and switch the HTTP proxy to Auto.

Also you can try to Renew Lease: Go to Settings => WiFi tab => Blue arrow and find Renew Lease button and tap it. Then go to Safari and check connection.

In case you are failed in both described methods above you still have the last chance – Reset Network Settings:Go to Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings and tap red button again to finish the process. Then connect to the net using WiFi if needed and then just open Safari to browse the net.

I hope my advices were useful for you. Use comment section below to let us now if you successfully use this iOS 6 WiFi fix on iPhone or iPad.