Giveaway Time: Get iPhone Unlock IMEI Code for Free

Hi our dear readers. We have some great news for all the people who want to unlock iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or any version of iPad tablet for free. Anyone can enjoy our giveaway to get free iPhone unlock by official IMEI unlock code. As you might know, IMEI number is the unique number every iPhone has and it can be used to unlock any device by adding it to Apple’s database.

UPDATE: Winner Announced here

Any details on how to use legit IMEI unlock service you can find here. But now we have a great proposition for you. Today we announce that we give away free IMEI unlocking solution to one of our readers. Check out the giveaway and enter for your chance to win.

Free iPhone IMEI unlock Code

All you need to do is to find your carrier in supported IMEI network list and then to make a registration on our forum for further details. Register for giveaway and be the first who wins free IMEI iPhone unlocking solution. You are never required to make a purchase to enter our giveaway or to provide any information other than that which is required to join the forum. ***

Every month new IMEI unlock solution. New winner will be picked on the 20th of each month after the first announcement.

Make sure you follow us on Socials so you never miss your chance to win Free IMEI unlock code.

If you get it you will have an official permanent unlock. Don’t worry about jailbreak or iOS update. You will never lose your unlock and that’s for sure.

IMEI unlock works with:

  • iPhone Models – ALL
  • iPhone Baseband – ALL
  • iPhone iOS firmware – ALL

We are going to choose the winnerlive online on our YouTube channel. Everybody will have a chance to be a winner at that moment. All profile links of those who made a registration on forum will be put in the Random chooser software. You will be able to see how it choosesany random name who is going to be a winner.

Free iPhone unlock IMEI giveaway starts after publishing this post. The first winner will be picked on 20th of September on our YouTube channel.

How to Use Giveaway After Victory

  • After receiving confirmation email and then connect your device to iTunes
  • Get Congratulations’ message

That’s it. This free iPhone unlocking method is legal and permanent. You better try it before it’s not too late because Apple may close the possibility to use IMEI to unlock iPhone.

Everyone can get giveaway from all over the world. We will contact the lucky one after he would be chosen by Random Chooser as a winner.

*** Please do not send us your IMEI numbers or share them somewhere here at website. It is highly recommended to keep them private unless you become a winner and your IMEI number will be used to perform official unlock based on your unique IMEI. My advice is to stay away from sites trying to gather private information. Just imagine somebody could get 3000 IMEI’s running the same giveaway and sell this private data to hackers or other 3rd parties.

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