Google Chrome for iOS is on its Way

If you are among those people who are anxiously waiting for the Google Chrome iOS version to be released, you will be happy to hear the following news. Google Chrome for iPhone will be available in the App Store sooner than you could imagine. Based on the latest news, we will be able to download it in a month or so. At least Google intends to release its browser for iOS.

By 2009 there were no third-party browsers allowed in the App Store, but now even Opera has a mobile version in the App Store.

In accordance with the analysis by Macquarie Equities Research called “the Browser Wars Part Deux”, a port of Google Chrome for iOS is on its way. Macquarie compares the Google Chrome browser’s release to iOS to the historical parallel of “the browser wars,” which was actually less interesting than the phrase makes it sound.

Macquarie also believes that a Google Chrome on iOS would be a problem for Google’s “strategic and operational mobile positioning”. They believe that the Google Chrome version for PC is very successful, and having their browser on iOS will minimize Google’s traffic acquisition charges (how much money Google pays Apple for adding Google in Mobile Safari’s searches), and that Google will market the ever-loving crap from their browser.

But this is not the war of PC browsers. Even though Chrome has a good share of assets behind it, Google Chrome for iOS would deal with quite a lot of threats. Today Apple allows alternative browsers on iOS, if they use the WebKit rendering engine, but with limited functionality. The current versions of Google Chrome, available for Windows, Mac and Android, are already using the WebKit layout engine.

Chrome is expected to launch an extensive advertising campaign before the release, just as they did for the PC version of.

There are no more details about Google Chrome for iOS, and Google itself hasn’t commented on  Macquarie Equities Research.