Hack Allows Android Wear Watch Accept iPhone Calls

Can you imagine that hack iPhone calls will help users to answer incoming calls from this Apple smartphone with Android Wear device.
Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, the Cydia developer created jailbreak tweaks such as SpotlightSiri and DoubleTapToSleep. Back in February he showed off proof-of-concept which allows the stock iOS Messages app notification to be sent directly to a flagship Android Wear device, Motorola’s Moto 360.

Since that time he has been working to find various ways to add more functionality to the app and this morning posted a new great video shows how an Android Wear watch can accept an incoming call from an iPhone.

This Moto hack solution gains a little bit of software magic. As shown in the video below, the developer had to simulate the gesture to answer the incoming iPhone call on Android Watch, no jailbreak required herein.

To make answering iPhone calls with Android Wear possible requires ANCS usage. However an Apple’s smartphone featured in the video is jailbroken, jailbreak is not needed for the iPhone calling functionality on Android Wear.

And according to the nature of the API used, this also means that iOS 8’s Actionable Notifications are supported as well.

It’s important to remember that this is an unofficial hack iPhone calls solution so Apple company may choose to obviate Mohammad’s app at any time. And I am sure it will do it very soon.

Google in its the turn claimed that they plan to work on an iPhone app that will gain full Android Wear compatibility to iOS.

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