How to Hack Google Play In-App Purchase For Free Using Freedom App

While millions people are waiting for the end of the world Russian hacker Zond80 and Madkite launched Freedom app that could hack Google Play in-app purchase. Using Freedom app allows you to download Android apps extensions for free on any device running Android OS.

If you remember in late spring Zond80 already launched in-app purchase hack for App Store but in case with Google Play it was more difficult to perform. And now you can download Freedom app and feel real freedom on Google Play store.

Important note: I have to upset some Android users because not all of you can perform free in-app purchase using Google Play hack because this service is not available in United States, Canada, EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Australia and New Zealand.

To use Freedom Google Play in-app purchase hack from Zond80 and Madkite you need to perform three easy steps:

  1. Download Freedom.
  2. Install and run it on Android device.
  3. Choose and tap on app which you wish to get for free.

Before we start it is important to read the note below taken from zond80’s blog:

Remember: Freedom launcher was made only for legally installed applications. You can use this application to get content, already included in these apps. Please do not pirate Google Play apps.

If you agree with this requirement we can start.

How To Use Freedom App To Hack Google Play In-App Purchase

Step 1. First you need to download Freedom APK file.

Step 2. After downloading go to Security settings on your device and make sure that you enable “Unknown Sources”.

Step 3. Now just install Freedom app and open it allowing superuser permissions request.

Step 4. After successful installation go to Google Play and choose the app you want to download.

Step 5. Now just make free in-app purchase clicking Accept & Download. Wait till the app will finish to download.

Step 6. Run Freedom and tap on the app you have just downloaded.

Step 7. Now you can make your in-app purchase.

Here below you can watch the video how to do it for sure if these steps didn’t help you.

Attention: We do not urge you to do so and didn’t promote this hack or hackers. We are independent source and give the information that could be interesting to you.

That’s it. Now you can make free in-app purchases in Google Play using Freedom app every time you want to do this. This hack doesn’t work for online in-app purchase. Only on your device where apps are already downloaded.