HITB (Hack In The Box) 2012 Coming Soon!

Attention to all hackers, unlockers and jailbreakers! One of the coolest hacker related events – Hack In The Box security conference 2012 will take place in Amsterdam and Malaysia. That’s an event where all the famous iOS hackers will discuss all kinds of security questions such as security basics, format string attacks, kernel heap overflows, profile command injections and many others (more details below). Among conference members  – Chronic Dev Team (@possixninja, @pod2g, @primskeks), iPhone Dev Team (@planetbeing, @musclenerd) and others iOS hacking business sharks. If you want to know how iOS vulnerabilities and exploits are found or just see the famous devs and thank them for the work they do – this is the right place for you!

hitb 2012

So what is the Hack In The Box about?

HITB – is a security conference with high technical level which takes place in Asia and Europe on yearly basis. The main point is to share experience and discuss most advanced and forward-looking attacking and defense methods that were never used before. This year the conference will open hacking mysteries in Malaysia and in European Amsterdam. The European section will last from May 21st till May 25th.

This year hackers managed to gather the almighty “2012 iOS Jailbreak Dream Team” (as wrote posixninja in his official blog) from all around the world. What is more amazing – all four members of Dev Team will meet in real life, not on IRC channel! MuscleNerd will also deliver the special speech concerning baseband unlocking future.

hitb 2012 chronic dev_team

What will be presented on HITB 2012?

There will be lots of interesting stuff going on during those four days. Chronic Dev Team’s 60-minute presentation will tell about their inner exploit developments behind Corona and Absinthe jailbreaks. Guys claim that they have tons of awesome stuff to share. Here is the list of some topics they will cover:

  • iOS security basics
  • iOS format string attacks
  • iOS kernel heap overflows
  • iOS profile command injections
  • iOS application sandbox escape
  • How to bypass ASLR & DEP for all exploits listed above
  • iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak release (for more info about this go here)

One of the main points of this year’s HITB event is to unite jailbreakers community and to promote their ideas. The speakers want to motivate other hackers to add to global jailbreaking deal.

hitb 2012 dev_team

Here’s the full list of HITB conference speakers:

ADAM GOWDIAK (Founder/CEO, Security Explorations)
ALEX BAZHANYUK (Reverse Engineer, CISS)
ANDREI COSTIN (Author, MiFare Classic Universal Toolkit)
ARNAULD MASCRET (Security Researcher, Sogeti / ESEC)
CHEMA ALONSO (Security Consultant, Informatica64)
CLAUDIO GUARNIERI (Senior Researcher, iSIGHT Partners)
CYRIL / @pod2g (Member, Chronic-Dev Team)
DAVID WANG / @planetbeing (Member, iPhone Dev Team)
DIDIER STEVENS (Security Consultant, Contraste Europe NV)
GAL DISKIN (Senior Security Researcher, Intel Corp)
GEORGIA WEIDMAN (Founder, Bulb Security LLC)
ITZHAK ‘ZUK’ AVRAHAM (Founder, zimperium)
IVO POOTERS (Senior Digital Forensic Investigator, Fox-IT)
JOSHUA HILL / @p0sixninja (Team Lead, Chronic-Dev Team)
JUAN PABLO (Chief Technology Officer, Onapsis)
JURRIAAN BREMER (Independent Researcher / HITB.nl CTF Core Crew)
KENNETH WHITE (Principal Scientist, Social & Scientific Systems)
KEVIN SZKUDLAPSKI (Junior Security Researcher, Quarkslab)
MANU ‘THE SUR’ (Informatica64)
MARCO BALDUZZI (Senior Threat Researcher, Trend Micro)
MARIO VUKSAN (Chief Executive Officer, ReversingLabs)
MUSCLENERD (Member, iPhone Dev Team)
NICOLAS GREGOIRE (Founder, Agarri)
NIKIAS BASSEN / @pimskeks (Member, Chronic-Dev Team)
NIR GOLDSHLAGER (Senior Researcher, zimperium)
RAHUL SASI (Info Security Researcher, iSIGHT Partners)
ROBERTO SUGGI LIVERANI (Principal Security Consultant, Security-Assessment.com)
SCOTT BELL (Principal Security Consultant, Security-Assessment.com)
SEBASTIEN RENAUD (Senior Security Researcher, Quarkslab)
STEVEN SEELEY (Senior Penetration Tester, stratsec BAE)
TOMISLAV PERICIN (Chief Security Architect, ReversingLabs)


ALBERT SPRUYT (Student, University of Amsterdam)
ELGER ‘STITCH’ JONKER (Founder, Hack42)
RORY BREUK (Student, University of Amsterdam)
XAVIER MERTENS (Security Consultant)


BRENNO DE WINTER (Journalist of The Year 2011)


MS. JAYA BALOO (Manager, Identity and Access Management, Verizon)

Update: download HITBSecConf Agenda and find out when iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak will be.

We hope that this event bring some fresh blood to iOS jailbreaking community and we’ll see new releases of most popular jailbreaking solutions soon. That’s excellent news as new iOS will be probably released on June 11, exactly two weeks after HITB 2012.