How People Are Using Siri?

Today we’ve spotted a very interesting infographic telling how people are using Siri. The image below describes many aspects of digital assistant usage and has some numbers like how many people are satisfied with the feature, diversity of given tasks and more. It’s a good chance for you to spot how many data is consumed while performing different tasks such as sending messages or performing a web search.

How People Are Using Siri

Let’s start with satisfaction. Almost 90 percent of users are using Siri at least once per month. We can understand that as it was one of the strongest iPhone 4S advertisement sides. But if we look closer we’ll see that only a half of them is satisfied with the service and 36% are somewhere in the middle. Those numbers give us a pretty clear answer to the question “Why is there so many Siri clones?” Probably the ‘voice assistance mother’ can’t handle its duties that well.

About 30% of iPhone 4S owners never go beyond three simple tasks:

  • Phone calls
  • Searching the internet
  • Sending texts

That basically means that not all the users want to spare their life details to Siri.

Did you know that iPhone 4S users ‘eat’ twice as much data as iPhone 4 owners and three times more than iPhone 3G. Surely one reason of such usage is the difference between phone possibilities but what do those numbers have common with Siri?

Did you ever know that Apple’s voice assistant builds up to 25% of Wolfram Alpha traffic. This advances search engine searches not the web but its own databases which are actually the answers one asks for. About 140.000 of those queries are sent by Siri daily.

The infographic also spoils the light on some secret commands such as spicing up dictation by naming special signs, syntax units and even smiles, searching your email for specific subject and so on.


How People Are Using Siri 1

About a half of people using Siri would like their next phone to include a service similar to that. There’s no question about voice assistants of all kinds future and they ‘are here to stay’ like the last rows of infographic say but it would be extremely interesting to observe how will other assistants like Google Voice or Ask Ziggy by Microsoft continue their way to user’s ears and eyes.

Do you agree with those number above? What do you think about secret Siri commands, did you know about them at all? Please tell us in the comments below.