Find Out How The iPhone IMEI Unlock Process Works

There is a new and interesting unlocking method which becomes very popular these days. But many users want to find out how the iPhone IMEI unlock works. Well, I decided to write more details about this unlocking solution.

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how the iPhone IMEI unlock works

So, where all the iPhone IMEI unlock services get info from and how does this unlock works?

In most cases all GSM network unlock codes are generated by an unique algorithm based on IMEI, HARDWARE  ID of the certain device and / or carrier information. Then, a server creates the unique unlock code specific to that device with locked policy tables (rules) to a certain network. This type of codes is called NCK. That means Network Control Key . It has 15 unique numbers (which also can have different meanings and sign the locktype). Simple bruteforce will take years, but if you have those parameters, it will take significantly less time to generate the whole code.

iPhone Activation / Unlock

iPhone unlock methods are different.  Every iPhone has its own IMEI number. This number is stored in Apple data base. When you need to unlock iPhone and connect your device to iTunes it verifies your IMEI number first to check if it is blacklisted or whitelisted. This ActivationTicket is bound to a specific SIM card. If it is whitelisted Apple generates IMEI unlock code and your gadget is free from the chains. If Apple sees that something is wrong then it locks iPhone again. In other words you can’t use  iTunes if your iPhone is unlocked unofficially.

Legit unlock Companies like Att-iPhone-Unlock and LetsUnlockiPhone5 do this with a secure connection to Apple servers that handle the IMEI’s database for all the iPhones manufactured by Apple.  Each database record contains IMEI and network (carrier) polices they should be locked to (or if this specific IMEI is unlocked). Each official unlock company can make changes to carrier lock status of each iPhone IMEI. Depends on the server being used, this might be done by API or human being.

So: IMEI unlock Companies definitely don’t use any software or NCK exploit methods to unlock customers’ iPhone. It is very likely to WildCardTicket method which was used in SAM unlocking solution. It is interesting, how long Apple will accept it,  if it would become mega popular in the near future?