How to Turn on a Guest Mode on the iPhone with iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak

You can turn your iPhone into something like a small computer using the jailbreak tweak called GuestMode. This iOS 7 Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones solves the problem with limited-access to your device by other users. The mode, as you might have guessed, works with the Guest Mode making it possible to play with your Settings application which gets a new pane after you download and install the program.

Cydia is offering the iPhone and iPad tweak for $0.99. The GuestMode installs a new pan to your iOS Settings. Here is where you are able to adjust its preferences and configurations. What is the tool designed for?
 It gives you an opportunity to limit access to the programs that have your personal information you don’t want anyone to get without your permission. For example, your kids, their friends and yours like to use your smartphone or tablet once in a while. You can’t control what apps and games they are launching to play. They might enter the Photos applications, read your Messages and Mail, and see Evernote, Dropbox or similar apps.
Just lock them down with the GuestMode app and give the device to your children or relatives. They will be able to access any apps accept the ones you have locked down with a pre-assigned passcode. The mode has several options. It comes with pre-assigned passwords, lock screen icon and Activator gesture. Choose the feature you like the most and safely protect your personal data.
You can view this video to get the idea how GuestMode iOS 7 jailbreak tweak works on the iPad or iPhone:
While Apple hasn’t included such an option to its iDevice firmware yet, you can already have once you jailbreak the fruit gadget with Evasi0n7 program which is the only iOS 7 public untethered jailbreak available today.
The tweak is must-have for people who often give their iDevice to other users.