How You Can Get iOS 7 Beta IPSW from DMG File

You probably know some people who have updated to iOS 7 beta 1 as soon as it was introduced to developers and news sources reported that anyone was able to install this newest firmware without UDID registration and dev account.

One of my friends has upgraded to firmware version 7 and he then wished to restore this beta with DMG file but failed. He was using Windows system so I searched for the fix to this little issue that annoyed him. The solution was found pretty soon and it was so easy that it would have been a crime if I don’t share it with you.

iOS 7 on iPhone

A lot of PC users faced this problem. They downloaded iOS 7 beta 1 file, tried to install or restore to this firmware and failed. The DMG file has been developed to run on Mac operating system and not Windows OS.

Such files usually include OS X apps no matter if they are zipped or archived. Thus when Windows users make an attempt to launch DMG file on Windows, they fail [Mac owners open such files without issues].

It is required to extract the .IPSW file from the DMG one in order to restore your iOS 7 beta 1 firmware. Here is how you can do this.

iOS 7 Beta DMG to IPSW Instruction

Windows users should find 7-Zip program. It’s free to use. This application will open a lot of file formats including DMG. Download and install this app on your PC and then take the steps below to extract iOS 7 IPSW from its DMG file.

Step 1. Launch 7-Zip.

Step 2. Choose File and click Open.

Step 3. Find iOS 7 beta 1 DMG file and press to open it. You will see all the files from this archive.

Step 4. Find IPSW file inside the DMG file and press to Extract.

Step 5. Just point 7-Zip to where you wish your IPSW file to be saved. That’s it. Now you can finally install iOS 7 without problems. Also you can always downgrade iOS 7 beta to iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.4 and any SHSH blobs needed. Only IPSW files and iTunes.