iCloud Apple Service Gave Crashes Again. Now with Connection Error

According to a community of Apple support, Cupertino engineers were trying to correct functioning of the not working  iCloud service for storing user data. The connection error occurred and the cloud service does not work for people in many countries of the world.

Problems in the functioning of branded web service from Apple led to the gadgets to impossibility to access their personal data. Failure affected the iPhone and iPad owners around the world, including the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The percentage of iCloud connection error, users have experienced, were not reported. According to the Technical Support, the owners of mobile devices on iOS can not send or receive mail, and third-party applications, just to access to account information iCloud. When trying to enter the site iCloud.com a window pops up – “connection error”. Also you can notice issues with Apple ID and Game center.

In an accompanying report is said that the work of the application terminated due to an error. Help to improve the quality of Apple products, reporting diagnostic information about using iCloud .

This service, launched in October 2011 as a substitute for paid online storage Mobile Me. You can synchronize data between different gadgets made by Apple, including laptops, smartphones and tablet computers. At the beginning of this year, the number of iCloud users is more than 250 million people!

Stay tuned with us fr more news about when Apple will fix iCloud connection error to the normal and working status.

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