IDA Disassembler Ported To iPhone

We have some good news for all those who are interested in using IDA with iPhone for some reasons. That could be baseband reverse engineering, viewing apps source code or something else. The IDA disassembler was ported to the iPhone! It can handle apps and provides the same functions and handles applications exactly as on other platforms.

IDA Ported On iPhone

The real hackers and iPhone geeks will really appreciate this news. The input within the app is not very convenient because the app runs in terminal emulator window. That’s why you need to put away the onscreen keyboard to see the app in full screen. The devs need to improve TVision to run properly on iPhone but they will probably pass this task to someone other. TVision is  library released by Hex-Rays SA, for use with the IDA Pro interactive disassembler. To use it you will need a Linux or Mac OS X version of IDA Pro. My replacement module provides two features: a native X11 interface and an asynchronous I/O API for IDA plug-in modules. TVision works with IDA since version 0.9 (IDA version 4.7b).

IDA Ported On iPhone2

Here’s the short list of changes within the module:

1.0 Adds keyboard support.

1.1 Fully implemented keyboard support. Includes updates from Datarescue’s Level I release.

1.3 Adds support for 16 background colors and also includes updates from Datarescue’s TVision Level K release.

1.4 Fixes a bug that prevented use of the IDA debugger. (Reported by Eberhard Mattes).

1.5 Updates from Datarescue’s TVision Level L release.

1.6 X11 clipboard support and Mac OS X support. Improved screen update algorithm. Updates from Datarescue’s TVision Level M release.

2.1 Async I/O API support for collabREate plug-in. Updates from Datarescue’s TVision 2009a release.

Download links for TVision.

IDA Ported On iPhone6

The latest 2.1 version has Linux Binary and Mac OS X Binary include terminal-based solution which apparently are the base of IDA to iPhone port.

The program runs sometimes slower than on PC but the speed is acceptable. Disassembling process looks like everywhere else and all standard commands and hotkeys are working fine.

The developers also plan to port IDA to other devices in future but they don’t give any precise info about the terms. You can alway visit our GitHub Page to search for some extra IDA iPhone stuff.