iMessage And FaceTime Are Up and Running

Apple messaging services iMessage and FaceTime had been not working for five-hour last night. This news was announced on the official website of the company.

According to the information we received, iMessage service was unavailable for several hours on Tuesday night and Wednesday early morning. In addition to iMessage, problems have arisen with video chat FaceTime. During this period, iOS users were not able to send messages and make calls.

Apple does not specify the cause of the failure and its scope. However, because of the numerous complaints on support forum, users will not see the messages they sent and could not transmit data in North America, Western Europe and other regions of the world. Also there were news from chpwn, iH8sn0w and Ryan Petrich about iMessage ddos attacks which took place last week.

iMessage is an universal instant messaging service, designed for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. You can use it to send and receive texts as well as pictures, videos, contacts, and all that completely for free. The technology was launched simultaneously with the Apple operating system iOS 5. With FaceTime owners of Apple devices can carry video chat, but for models manufactured before iPhone 4S and iPad third generation necessarily to have a WiFi connection.