iOS 6.1 Maps Application Update

iOS developers and users without a development account can now download iOS 6.1 beta version and test it on their gadgets: iPads, iPhones and iPods touch. The new firmware update is surely early yet it brings a lot of changes and fixes to the iOS 6. For example, it offers Lock screen music controls and, of course, the new features that improve iOS 6.1 Maps app.

How exactly does Apple change its own Maps applications first introduced with the release of iOS 6? You should remember that too many customers didn’t like it at once and wished to get Google Maps back. You can compare Apple 3D maps vs Google Maps. Will they ever get used to this program? Let’s see.

iOS 6.1 Maps App

New Option

When Apple only announced it was creating its 3D Maps program users got excited. The company promised them voice turn-by-turn directions and amazing secret Apple 3D maps places. However, this excitement lasted till the official Maps release as the app had too many errors, inaccurate information and missing locations. There were too many silly bugs, and users publicly criticized Apple for them.

According to people who have already downloaded iOS 6.1 and tested its updates, the iOS 6.1 Maps app can now boast a “Report a Problem” feature that has replaced a bug reporter link that could easily stay unnoticed so small it was. As you can see Apple truly wishes to improve its application and asks all users for help.

Fixes to Bugs

Having received too many critical opinions, Apple has decided to fix the bugs in its iOS 6.1 Maps app release. It is nice that the company didn’t only write a letter of apology to its customers but also fixes issues in the future updates.

Everyone can build on the company’s wish to improve the program. You can easily report any bug you find once you upgrade to iOS 6.1 and use the “Report a Problem” button to point out each issue, mistake and error you come across while using 3D Maps on your iDevice.