Use iOS 6 3D Maps Without iOS 6

Here’s a little trick how to view iOS 6 3D maps without iOS 6. iOS 6 beta was released three days ago and we can see that not all of its features are available on all iDevices. Actually, Apple claims that those are revolutionary and brand new but *whoops!* those already exist at Nokia’s official site!


Yes you’ve read it right, by visiting you’ll get the same 3D maps within your browser window. Nokia maps are not only using the same C3 technology, the company that Apple has recently bought, but also behave the same way like maps on iOS do. Those even offer exactly the same controls except for multitouch of course. Map rendering happens in the same manner as it does on iOS 6.

For running the iOS 6 3D maps without iOS 6 on your computer visit Nokia’s maps site. You’ll be offered to install a small (around 9 mb) browser plugin. Go to “Map View” menu on the top right corner of the screen and select “Get Maps 3D”. You will be guided to the place where the plugin will be downloaded.

I’ve tried to do that on Google Chrome and the process was completed in no time. Still, the overall performance of iOS 6 unlock maps is better. Also, Apple’s version of 3D maps bring better and more detailed view than the solution from Nokia but the difference is not that great, really. The thing that Nokia made better than Apple is the ability to choose from the list of pre-rendered cities in 3D and flawless acces to all the areas available in 3D.

Nevertheless, option with Nokia’s 3D maps within the browser is a nice and simple way to experience iOS 6 3D maps without installing iOS 6 actually. Remember that there’s still 3 to 5 months left till the newest Apple’s iOS will be available for the public download through iTunes.

What do you think of new 3D maps look? Do you enjoy them or do you think they can include more details and perform better? Let’s discuss it in the comment section below.

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