iOS 6 App Store Features And Look [Video]

Hi! We’re here to cover the iOS 6 App Store and its new features. The new App Store is a really massive overhaul. It’s completely different and it’s complete departure from what it looked like in the previous iOS. It’s much better, much more intuitive, there’s a completely new way how you can swipe through your app or the apps within Store. All the stuff that was there before is still on its places, it’s just configured differently.


Continuing talking about appearance the categories are easier to navigate through, each category leads to another subcategory just like before but it’s much more sensitive right now.

What is much more interesting about the new App Store is the App’s page. The design is much lighter and much more enjoyable. There are wider sharing options. You can use Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook or Copy Link to send it but those are just the basic options i guess and they will be expanded as soon as the integration with other sharing apps will appear. Below on the app’s page is the:

  • expandable description
  • the link to developer’s page with related apps
  • the list of versions
  • reviews and ratings tab
  • and other apps related to one you’ve chosen

The installation process is also kinda different. Now the app is installed right within the App Store. That means that in iOS 6 features you remain within the Store while the apps are installing and then the ‘Open’ button appears on the right side of the screen replacing the ‘Install’ one. Update: frem now you can unlock iOS 6 using diffirent methods.

The app’s screenshots are also available in the full screen view. Just tap on then to see the whole-screen picture. It helps to see what the app looks like a lot.

Check out the video below to see moreĀ iOS 6 App Store Features:

In general the new App Store’s experience has just got much more smoother, much more efficient and it’s much more pleasure to navigate through it and to download all kinds of different stuff from there.

Download iOS 6 [LINKS]

Let us know what you think about the new App Store in iOS 6 features and spes.. I know that you can share your thoughts based on videos and screenshots right now but still it’s very interesting to hear what you think about it.