iOS 7.0.4 [iOS 7.1] Launch Is Highly Expected

iOS 7.0.4 or iOS 7.1 release should be the next update for Apple mobile firmware. More and more iPhone, iPod and iPad users are waiting to see its release because they are tired of all the bugs and problems discovered in current updates.

The operating system introduced in September has a lot of new options and features unavailable in iOS 6. It is understood that it couldn’t go smooth from the very beginning, still the latest iOS 7.0.3 version that is supposed to solve problems adds new issues. Apple was sincere when it said that its new firmware comes with both new looks and new bugs.

iOS 7.0.4 iOS 7.1 Update

The final iOS 7 launch brought problems with a lock screen feature that were solved in iOS 7.0.2 release. At the same time, this update came with iMessage bug making it impossible for a lot of users to send / receive iMessages.

The end of October brought a new hope for iDevice owners. Apple presented iOS 7.0.3 upgrade that came out with bunch of fixes to existing problems experienced by the fruit gadget fans. This latest operating system launch solved the problems with iMessage, issue with filtering and other bugs. Still this hasn’t made it a perfect system as a lot of people are still facing various issues.

The list of all new bugs discovers keeps growing in size. This makes more and more users cry for either iOS 7.0.4 release or iOS 7.1 update that will deal with the problems and finally make iOS 7 experience simple and painless.

The Cupertino-based company is expected to solve Wi-Fi problems, different lags, crashes, car Bluetooth pairing, fast battery drain, multitasking issue, iMessage bug and other things. It is currently not known when such an update is to be presented to public. But it is clear that the company is working on it now as too many complaints appear on Apple support forum.