iOS 7.1 Find My iPhone Bug Allows Thieves Disabling It

Hackers and thieves are able to turn off your Find My iPhone app on iOS 7.1 without knowing your password. Users and hackers find more iOS 7.1 bugs. Just like it was in previous releases of this mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, the latest update makes it possible to turn off Find My iPhone application without having to enter your password.
The problem with the code allows thieves to also delete iCloud and restore the handset or tablet gadget without passing the Lock Screen option which requires entering Apple ID and password. The news has been reported by 9to5mac source. The problem has been faced by a user with the iPhone 4S. He managed to disable iOS 7.1 Find My iPhone app using Settings – iCloud preferences by clicking on the toggle and Delete Account option. This trick allowed deleted iCloud and restoring with ease.
The device didn’t ask for Apple ID which is a big problem if it is discovered by bad guys. Is there a way to protect yourself? It looks like you should turn on your Passcode lock or enable Touch ID option because this way third-party users will not be able to enter your Settings and do everything else. Do not leave your iPhone unlocked so that no one can play with it and get hold of your personal information or steal your smartphone forever.