iOS 7 Activation Lock Bypass Instruction for Users

Have you forgotten Apple ID and are you stuck with iOS 7 Activation Lock feature? Would you simply like to change the ID you are using for this option? This guide is created to help users who are searching for an easy-to-follow iOS 7 Activation error fix. These are must know tips that are useful to millions of Apple fans across the world.

It has become possible to remove iCloud password on iOS 7 Apple smartphones. It is also possible to bypass Activation Lock for users who forget things or simply need to change their ID [if you have a new email addres or stopped using your old iCloud account]. The feature that protects your gadget from being accessed by a third-party person can always be turned back on so don’t worry about anything.

ios 7 activation lock bypass

How can you know you got the problem? When is the time to bypass iOS 7 activation lock issue? Firstly, you are not able to access your old email to view the information required in order to change Apple ID. Secondly, you see “cannot connect to server” message on the phone since you can’t just delete your account on iCloud. This means Activation Lock is on and it needs your intrusion.

iOS 7 Activation Error Fix Instruction

If you can log in to the old email, do as follows:

Step 1. Visit site.

Step 2. Select the option called Manage My Apple ID. You ened to sing in using the iCloud ID you have and password for it.

Step 3. In “primary email” field choose Edit and type in your old email [you have to verify this account].

Step 4. Tap Edit to change your account name to the old email. This way you get the option to turn off Find My iPhone application on the iPhone.

Step 5. Open Settings – iCloud and select Delete Account option. You will be prompted to confirm this step and you can delete iCloud account without losing the data you are storing in iCloud.

Step 6. Get back to the website from Step 1 and once again edit the primary email address [type in the one you were using].

Step 7. Open Settings – iCloud and now use your ordinary ID / passcode to sign in.

If you can’t use your old email, follow this guide:

Step 1. Contact Apple [for example, use this link ]. Ask the company to reset your password.

Step 2. Sing in the iCloud with the password you got from Apple.

Step 3. Turn Find My iPhone app off.