iOS 7 Block / Unblock Contacts and Messages How to Guide

Are there people who contact your iPhone when you don’t want them to do so? Do salespeople bother you too much? Install iOS 7 on your Apple handset and block contacts from sending text messages and calling you.

The firmware’s new option is good for annoying phone numbers who you wish to add to your blocked list. A person who is blocked by you will be sent to voicemail when they try to reach you. By the way, you are still able to SMS and call people from your Blocked list.

Below there is a guide on how to block and unblock phone numbers on the popular iDevices.

Block Calls / Messages on iOS 7 iPhone

Method 1. If the person is in your contacts list you can block unwanted calls from there. You should go to Settings and open Phone – Blocked – Add New. You will be able to choose the person from the list of phone numbers you have in your Contacts. Select the name and it will be added to the list of blocked phone numbers.

Method 2. If you wish to block people from your Contacts from sending you text messages and making FaceTime calls, go to Settings and repeat the guide above.

Method 3. If the person is not in your Contacts and you wish to block the number, go to Phone – Recents and find the number you don’t want to get calls from. You will be “i” in blue color in a circle next to the number. Click on it and go down to the option called “Block This Caller” to stop getting calls [including FaceTime] and SMS from this person.

Unblock Calls / Messages on iOS 7 iPhone

Method 1. It is easy to unblock blocked calls and remove your contact from the blocked list. Go to Phone – Blocked and press “Edit” button. Once the contact is opened you will be able to delete it from this list. You will be now able to get phone calls from this person again.

Method 2. Go to Settings – FaceTime or Settings – Messages to remove a person from the list of blocked contacts. Repeat the guide above to delete them.

Method 3. Go to Phone – Recents and click on the “i” option. Go down till you see the option called “Unblock This Caller” to remove the number from the blocked list.

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