What iOS 7 Code Reveals About The Next iPhone and iPad Mini

Developers who are testing iOS beta versions are always curious to see what internals say about Apple future projects. The situation with iOS 7 beta SDK is no different. Some minds are very keen on finding what we could expect in the future, and here is what has been discovered so far by developer Nick Frey.

Investigation has shows some interesting information about different products that will be supported by this new firmware. The file hidden deep in the SDK says nothing to ordinary users, but it tells a lot to professionals who know what they were looking for.

iOS 7 Concept

iOS 7 beta Code Opens A6 iPad Mini

According to the limited information hidden inside the operating system’s code, there should be 3 models of iPad mini this year. Their “names” are iPad2,8 [J75], iPad 2,9 [J76] and iPad 2,10 [J77]. It is hard to tell much more about the upcoming device because the code doesn’t reveal everything.

Something can be said about the tablet’s platform. Developers assure it the 2,8 model will be released on s518950x platform. This is A6 processor, the same generation as the one built in the iPhone 5. Sadly, there is no information about a Retina display, even devs are not asked to add special files in their programs / games / applications for devices with a higher resolution display. We might just see a Wi-Fi model and cellular-compatible gadgets.

iOS 7 Code Opens A7 iPhone

There is more information about the upcoming iOS devices. This time it’s about the next iPhone which should get an A7 processor. It is referred to as a gadget with an s518960x chip within iOS 7 beta filesystem. This component might be contained in iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Here is a curious fact. It seems that the new processor or at least its parts will be made by Samsung while rumors suggested that the Cupertino-based company starts working with TSMC on its next A7 chips.