iOS 8 App Password Security Issue Discovered

Users should be aware of iOS app password security issue discovered by researchers [learn how to report iOS 9 bugs to Apple if you are testing this beta firmware]. There is a report and it mentions over 100 popular iPhone application titles that require iOS app password protect actions from developers because their passwords can be easily cracked.

The news about issues with iPhone app secure password comes from AppBugs. The company tested the most popular, top App Store applications and states a lot of them lack this feature and require better security. Most of the programs let users input passwords without restrictions and this potentially allows hack the passcode with ease.

Secure tools must provide only a number of attempts for log-in and when a user fails to enter the correct password he or she has to be locked out or asked to create a new password tied to their account.

AppBugs chose 100 apps that were downloaded over 1 million times. Over 50 percent of these programs show passcode vulnerability and the list of applications has some popular titles as Walmart, CNN, AutoCAD 360, Pocket, Dictionary, Expedia and others. If you are using Wanderlist, Zillow, SoundCloud and WatchESPN you would also like to get better protection of your password.

iOS app crack WiFi passwords is not an issue here but hackers can possibly get hold of you app account if you are using the best apps with bad password protection. The security firm asked devs to solve the existing problems. Some developers were fast to respond and already fixed the bugs [for now in Pocket, Dictionary and Wunderlist only].

Since those App Store apps that are vulnerable to brute force attack can cause massive leaks and attacks on Apple services – password security flaw could be a big problem that must be fixed as soon as possible.