iOS 8 Beta 5 Features List [Download to Use]

The new iOS 8 features were first unveiled in the beginning on summer 2014. Apple introduced iOS 8 beta 1 on June 2, and now, in August, the company releases iOS 8 beta 5 with some new features and bugs.

Developers and some ordinary users can get iOS 8 features list right on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after they download the latest beta 5 using direct download links through Dev Center or via OTA-update. It is not difficult to install iOS 8 beta 5, still there is no need to install this testing version with bunch of bungs as the list of iOS 8 features is available online and the public version is upcoming in mid-September.

ios 8 features

Apple is not only trying to enhance its firmware with new features, but also improves its operating system’s accessibility options. Let’s see what the company offers in its fifth beta update.

iOS 8 Beta 5 Accessibility Features

The new firmware beta 5 which you can download using direct links or via OTA-update. Once you are update you can enjoy the great VoiceOver option that sounds pretty natural unlike it was in iOS 7. Apple is doing great job trying to make its iOS sound naturally like it happens with OS X platform.

If you are tired of having colorful interface you’ll be able to use Grayscale option which turns your iPhone in gray scale mode.

ios 8 beta 5 update

You can also make the smartphone speak out your lables, text, buttons and other contents of iOS 8. This is pretty interesting and it wasn’t available in iOS 7.

The company has also improved its new Guided Access which allows using one application with your passcode and turn off all the gestures you don’t want to use.

iOS 8 also offers better zoom option, supports Braille and third-party keyboards making the experience with its iPhone and other iDevices so much better. The official iOS 8 release should be this September. The wait is almost over.