How to Make iOS 8 Messages Look Better in Grid View

Would you like your iOS 8 messages look better? They are normally present in the table view when you launch this iPhone applications however you can change the look to grid view if you are running iOS 8 platform and have a jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreak is possible on all firmwares up to iOS 8.4.1 which is currently non-jailbreakable.

A list of iOS 8 Messages tweak options is pretty long. It is possible to customize this iPhone program in a number of ways. One way is create the grid view for your conversations using a fun free jailbreak tweak from Cydia.

iOS 8 Messages Grid View Tweak for iPhone

Step 1. Go to BigBoss repo on Cydia if you are jailbroken on iOS 8 platform and download / install Grid Messages tweak.

Step 2. Is there anything to configure? No, the tweak is simple. It starts working as soon as you have installed it on your gadget.

Step 3. You can now launch Messages program and find the new grid view option. This way you will get away from the table view and get the grids with message preview [it’s rather brief but you’ll have an idea what the conversation is about].

Step 4. It is possible to get around 12 Messages conversations in the grid view per iPhone page.

Step 5. If you need to open the conversation you can tap on the grid. This is very simple.

Step 6. It is always possible to get back to the table view. You can find the table option at the top left corner of the Messages program.

Step 7. The tweak also allows selecting several conversations and delete them at once.

The iOS 8 Messages tweak Grid View is pretty fun and interesting. Since it is free of charge you might want to give it a try. The switching between the two views is fast and easy.