iOS 9 Maps Get New Transit Directions Feature

iOS 9 Maps application gets new upgrade from Apple. The company is trying to improve its program by adding transit directions to this tool. This means that iPhone users could enjoy more options while using Maps.

Travelers will get more information about trains, ferries, buses and subways thanks to iOS 9 Maps transit addition. The feature is enabled and the Cupertino-based company listed the main sources that provide details about transit options. According to the iPhone maker, it added 20 sources however most of them share information about one city only. This doesn’t bring too many cities to the list yet however users should expect more sources to be added in the future and bring more cities to the Maps for transit directions.

Thus, news mentions that iPhone owners who are going to Germany will be able to get transit data for Berlin city. It should be provided by three different sources. Some cities get even more sources at once. The new feature will also work in New York City, Toronto, London, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, San Francisco and Mexico City.

The public release of iOS 9 platform for iPhone 6S, 6, 6 Plus, 5 and other models will bring even more major cities where traveling will become so much easier and simpler with the iDevice. Apple will absolutely keep adding more titles to the list to make its Maps more popular and demanded by customers.

It’s not a secret that the original Maps launch was a big fail. However the ‘fruit’ giant didn’t give in and still improves the program to offer more features to users. It is working with several providers so the information should be more accurate now.

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