iOS vs Android Security Comparison: the Winner Is…

The question of iOS vs Android security comparison was way too tricky despite Apple’s OS security always seemed much stronger. For a long time, security concerns have been one of the major shortcomings of the Android operating system. But it seems that the situation may change soon: Jelly Bean is the most secure version of the Google’s mobile platform.

iOS vs Android Security Comparison

According to the Arstechnica site, in the latest version of the Android 4.1 operating system called Jelly Bean the developers paid attention to issues related to increased security levels.

Despite the fact that the official list of antivirus apps and innovations to improve the protection can be attributed, perhaps, improve the reliability of coding devices, experts conducted a detailed study of the publication and found that in the Jelly Bean uses substantially improved mechanism for ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization), responsible for the accidental location of critical structures in the address space.

This approach greatly complicates the life of hackers and other criminals, since the use of ASLR malicious code or iOS viruses must be entered in a random area of ​​memory that makes the task of integrating viruses into the operating system extremely complex.

Nevertheless, ASLR is not the Android prerogative. In iOS full support for this method was applied starting with version 4.3. In addition, the development of Cupertino company uses code signing, which prohibits unauthorized applications without digital signatures to run on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The Android operating system has no such protection right now.

Despite the Android OS security system has more holes, iOS viruses began to appear pretty often these days. Let me remind you of the Find and Call virus app that stole users contacts or other iPhone viruses.

Mobile device users still have to be careful and double check whom do they give access to their phone’s data, no matter how safe their OS is claimed to be by developers. Special reminder for jailbreakers: don’t forget to change your root password while enabling SSH access to your device. The default password is the easiest way for hackers to get into your device and do everything they want with it. Beware!

What security methods do you use to make your device safer? We’ll be glad to discuss that with you in the comments under the post.