iOS and OS X Malicious Apps Can Steal Your Password

How safe are Apple users right now? According to the new reports, new iOS vulnerabilities and OS X security holes [find out more about the previous iOS 8 Masque attack vulnerability] have been discovered by researchers and they give a way for malicious programs to steal users’ passwords and personal information even through the App Store.

As noted by security researchers [the problem has been reported by experts from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Indiana University], any dangerous tools is capable of getting passwords through Keychain service. This is the special manager tool created by Apple that manages all passwords. Using it, you can save credit / debit card information, login credentials and other information.

The OS X vulnerabilities and iOS security holes found recently show that both ‘fruit’ systems are still sensitive to possible access through malicious applications that can collect information about user’s passwords and credentials stored by web browsers, Mail, iCloud and other programs. You can protect iPhone password but this might not completely protect you from possible intrusion into your smartphone.

As noted by researches, they uploaded one malicious program to the App Store and had no issues [learn how to check if your iDevice is affected by malware]. Apple was surely informed about such action but asked to not make exploits public. The zero-day exploit still exists and Apple makes no official statements about it.

This exploit can be dangerous to iPhone, iPad and Mac users because it can break application sandbox and steal personal data. Millions of users can be under danger because the exploit is real and it can attack both OS X and iOS platforms.

The main problem is that you can possibly download the malicious app right from the official App or Mac store. In other words, Apple might not be able to protect your passwords and other information from being obtained by third-party individuals.

It’s great if users get no attacks and the exploit is patched in iOS 8.4, iOS 9, OS X 10.10.4 and OS X 10.11 but these are only hopes of all the ‘fruit’ fans who wish to be able to download apps and games from the official sources without being afraid to get anything malicious.