Latest iPhone Dev Team News About iPad Baseband Downgrade

Earlier today I got some fresh iPad baseband downgrade news. This news came from iPhone Dev Team who posted latest update concerning unsuccessful downgrading process.

As you may know I wrote you before that MuscleNerd had confirmed news that soon it would be possible to downgrade notorious iPad baseband. And few day later many users who stuck on 06.15.00 had that possibility.

iPad baseband downgrade news

But not all iPhone owners successfully downgraded their basebands to 05.13.04 to unlock it. That’s why I posted detailed guide on how to fix iPad baseband downgrade. However some our readers said that there was still no results. And their iPhone baseband are still 06.15.00.

I’m sure that developers from iPhone Dev team have such complains too. That’s why earlier today they posted update regarding iPad baseband downgrade news. take a look what they wrote:

Update #2: There’s a subset of 3GS iPhones that won’t take the downgrade.  We now understand why (they use a slightly different NOR chip), and should be receiving a loaner of such a phone on Thursday the 28th.  After we have one in hand we’ll tweak the redsn0w payload to handle that variation too!

So we will be waiting till Thursday 28th. I think that it would be updated Redsn0w 0.9.14b2 specially for success iPad baseband downgrade and that is really good news for users who stuck on 06.15.00.

Stay tuned with and you will be the first to know how to successfully perform downgrade on iPhone 3GS (G) with “different NOR chip” using new Redsn0w tool (I hope).

If you haven’t tried to downgrade 06.15.00 to 05.3.04 use the link to do it quickly and perform secure unlock and have the fixed GPS.

Leave your comment in the comment section below if you are that one who really want to perform downgrading process. Or just tell me what you think about iPad baseband downgrade news.

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