iPad Mini 4 Rumors Mention Full Split Screen

The testing of OS X El Capitan for Mac reveals some interesting iPad mini 4 rumors. Based on code and inner files developers say that the next mini model will be faster than current generation tablet and offer iPad mini 4 split screen app support feature.

It looks like iPad mini lineup could get a new generation device sometime this year. The official introduction of iPad mini 4 could be organized in September when Apple is also expected to unveil its new software versions and upcoming iPhone 6 “S” lineup. The official iPad mini 4 release date could be expected in mid or late September or October.

Some news and reports about this model surfaced in the mid-summer. As leaked images showed, this could be a device with thinner shell. Its main difference from the earlier versions could be the split-screen feature which wasn’t officially announced or confirmed yet.

Since the new iPad will be running iOS 9 firmware version and this operating system is currently in beta stage testing, developers noticed that the mini tablet could get full split-view application support. Such reference was also found in the new OS X El Capitan software and Safari version 9.

Such a feature isn’t officially supported by iPad mini 3. Still users could test the feature using this model as well. Could Apple roll out such support for both iPad mini 4 and next iPad generation as well?

The ‘fruit’ giant is always a couple of steps ahead of its rivals in terms of innovation introduction. It can add features that already exist in such a way that millions of customers want to purchase the iOS model and not other brand.

This year Apple is going to unveil iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2. Which model are you looking for?