iPhone 4S Price Drop Prediction and Rumors

Some fresh iPhone 4S price drop predictions here. Apparently, Apple is seriously getting ready for the new version of the iPhone 5. This is most likely the reason for the unprecedented price reductions on the iPhone 4 and 4S model in the U.S. The price drop affect the models mentioned above sold without a contract with mobile carrier.

The new iPhone 4S price for a handset with 16 GB of memory, sold now for $650, will cost only 500 USD. iPhone 4S with 8 GB of memory instead of $550 is now sold at a price of $400! The most anticipated release date of the new iPhone is the autumn of this year. Residents of cities will fill the pores of the city after the holidays and will be ready to accept a new model of Apple iPhone. Let me remind you that the iPhone 5 is expected to include some major changes both in functionality and design.

First of all, it will have bigger screen, reportedly around 4 inches and will include one more row of the app icons and more useful space for different actions. The new model will also have improved WiFi module for better reception and ability to use the AirDrop technology for easy file sharing between Mac, iPhone and the iPad. Rumors also say that it will have LTE or 4G connectivity which will bring the mobile web surfing to the whole new level.

The huge iPhone 4S price drop gives us hope that the most advanced Apple’s iPhone expected to be introduced in fall this year will be a real sensation. I you wanted to buy an iPhone 4S earlier but it was too expensive for you, the now it’s exactly the right time to do it now. There’s still about four months left till the iPhone 5 will appear in the Apple Stores in US.

Tell us what you think! Would you buy an iPhone 4S with lower price right now or will wait till October and buy the latest iPhone to show off in front of your friends and colleagues?