iPhone 5 Launch Date September 21: New Evidence

While Verizon has been rumored to get vacation blackout days in September, another U.S. carrier AT&T seems to also forbid its workers to leave the company from September 21. This means that the iPhone 5 launch date September 21 could be real, while this gadget should be officially introduced by Apple on September 12.

Various sources have been talking lately about the big Apple event that is expected to be held on Wednesday, September 12. This is when the Cupertino-based company should present its next-generation smartphone. And 9 days later, on Friday, September 21, this device should be released in the U.S.

iPhone 5 Launch Date September 21

Carriers Blackouts

It’s interesting that Verizon and AT&T have the same blackout days. According to previous reports, Verizon wouldn’t like its people to leave the company from September 21 to September 30. And now AT&T is reported to give the same vacation blackouts to its staff.

As one sales representative from AT&T said, the company’s employees are now being trained for an iconic launch. And what can be more “iconic” than Apple iPhone 5 launch date September 21 event? Can you think of anything else? This evidence can make all iOS fans more than just happy as September is only a few days away from today and the time runs so fast you won’t notice it when the calendar shows the precious 21st date.

September Iconic Release

Haven’t you marked down September 21 in the calendar yet? Hurry up to add it to the list of other big days, including International Peace Day and Mini Golf Day. Apple is working hard and carriers are also preparing for the big launch event.

Sadly, the famous tech company hasn’t confirmed the iPhone 5 introduction date yet, but it will hopefully send out invitations to this event soon just like it did last year, inviting guests to the iPhone 4S presentation a week before its announcement.

Are you excited?