iPhone 5 WiFi Module Overview

Continuing the topic of a recent large-scale new iPhone information drain we will talk about the iPhone 5 WiFi module used in the device. Customers rarely pay attention to this detail. Although in this case, it may play an important role in the Apple products development ecosystem in general and iOS in particular.

iPhone 5 WiFi Module

According to journalists from 9 To 5 Mac the iPhone will be used by sixth-generation Broadcom BCM4334 module, made using 40nm  LP process technology, as indicated by the iOS 6 code allegedly leaked sources. Indirectly, the use of this accessory is confirmed by the presence of its predecessor chip, BCM4330 in the new iPad. It is made with 65-nm process technology which is not that perefct. The novelty has lots of differences and it is not only about the technical process thanking towhich new module consumes 40-50% less power in active mode and much less in standby mode.

iPhone 5 WiFi Module 1

In addition, the BCM4334 has the support of several important technologies. In fact, this is a real system-on-chip (SoC), a single chip containing several components at once, including a Bluetooth 4.0 module (with high speed data transfer protocol HS support ) and FM-radio. In addition, it supports IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n, and can operate in two bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. And the most important thing is the hardware compatibility with the protocols of Wi-Fi Display, and Wi-Fi Direct. First one does not really matter much for Apple  because of the presence of its own AirPlay protocol. But Wi-Fi Direct and ability to work in two bands – this is serious.

If Broadcom BCM4334 really gets into the new iPhone then this unit will be the first iOS-device with built-in two-band radio module, which is required to support AirDrop. Let me remind you that is was first implemented by Apple in Mac OS 10.7 Lion proprietary protocol for the direct exchange of files between a Mac computers. Thus, we can fully rely on the implementation of AirDrop in iOS 6 and the easy file sharing between Mac, iPhone and the iPad. This gives hope for the realization of the total disk space in a mobile operating system, which is available to all applications. This feature greatly lacking in the current incarnation of iOS, and the consumer has attacked a Cupertino company with requests to implement it.

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