iPhone 6 or The Best Smartphone in 2014

How can you figure out the most popular smartphones 2014 list? This is simple if you read different trendy surveys and lists created by the infamous companies. For example, take a look at the recently presented ‘Year in Search’ from Google. This data includes information about most popular smartphones in 2014 [the number one device is iPhone 6] along with other gadgets and products that gained customer approve and love.

You got it correct. Apple’s new iPhone 6 has become the product users like to search for on Google. This search term is highly popular in 2014. By the way, Google creates such lists every year but gives different titles. A year ago it was called Zeitgeist and this year it is called Year in Search. The Cupertino-based company is always on the list and you can guess why, but the fact that the current iPhone 6 took the top spot while it was launched in September only can tell you more than any other advice and opinions from analysts and users.

The list also includes Android gadgets along with Nexus 6 and Galaxy S5 that follow the iPhone 6. It’s up to you which device to purchase. It is definitely more expensive to buy iPhone 6 unlocked but if the price is too high for you it is possible to get one of the subsidized plans offered by U.S. carriers. This way you don’t have to pay the full price at once.

'Year in Search’ Google Results

If you don’t like to be tied to just one carrier [if you don’t pay the full price your iPhone 6 will work with only one network] you can unlock iPhone 6 in U.S. and any other country across the world and get all the benefits that full-price smartphone users enjoy.

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