iPhone 6 Video: New Concept Presentation

A lot of fans of Apple products are now following all iPhone 6 news as they hope to figure out what to expect from this company in the future. Would you like to get the idea of what the next-gen smartphone might be like? We have one Apple iPhone 6 concept video that we are about to demonstrate. We believe it is interesting to see.

Will this handset have a bigger display? Will its design be updated? How many buttons will we find on the iOS device? We can answer some of these questions, just keep in mind that this is just a concept the Cupertino-based company might even not look at.

iPhone 6 Concept [Watch the Video]

Rishi Inamdar presented his view on the seventh-generation iPhone. This designer wants Apple to release a smartphone with a 4.5-inch screen. The concept also shows us a thinner handset. Even getting the bigger display this gadget looks nice compared to the most-recent iPhone 5. You will not see iPhone 6 with curved display but this concept is interesting as well.

Rishi sees the iDevice with no Home button. This concept looks neat; still the new volume buttons isn’t something I would like to get. It is not clear from the video, but there are reports that Inamdar wants the smartphone to have buttons below the screen [it might be something like the multi-touch trackpad on MacBook].

Take a look at this concept:

and this:

iPhone 6 Rumors

By the way, there is one more video by Rishi where he compares iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 concept. Here it is [the concept is in the middle, you can recognize it easily as there is no Home button on the handset’s screen]:

According to iPhone 6 rumors, Apple might actually release a device with a bigger screen. These might be just speculations or the reality.

Do you like this design idea? Would you buy such an iPhone 6? We’ll be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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