iPhone 6S Camera Specs Point to Better Image Quality

Millions of customers still dream about iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and Apple is already working on its next iPhone 6S model that is believed to get a better camera. Experts think that the next iOS smartphone [the name 6S is just rumored but this doesn’t mean that Apple will call its new version this way] will be able to take better photos through no one knows when the iPhone 6S release date is.

iPhone 6S camera specs mention the dual-lens camera and 8MP sensor which should be a big jump in the quality of images taken using the cell phone. The rumor comes from Jeff Pu who is an analyst and likes to make predictions on future Apple products.

It is interesting that the mentioned iPhone 6S camera megapixels are the same as were in the older iPhone 4S model released in 2011. Such resolution is nothing new, however the company increases the individual pixel size and updates sensors which results in the better image quality.

The Cupertino-based company buys lens from Largan Precision and this supplier is rumored to have limited growth in 2015 because of the 8 megapixels sensor that Apple needs for its new iPhone.

Mr. Pu also mentions that the new smartphone should get Optical Image Stabilization option. Apple might decrease the autofocus time but won’t get away from 8MP yet. Still the quality of camera doesn’t affect sensor resolution this much. Apple’s seven generation iPhones that have the 8 megapixel sensor perform even better than some smartphones with higher resolution sensors.

Do you like to take pictures using your iDevice? How satisfied are you with the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus in terms of stellar images?