iPhone Baseband Memory Dump [HOW TO]

After reading my previous post on how to activate baseband core dump function now you can start to dump baseband memory. I told you many times how was essential to dump the memory; you could use it to find some baseband vulnerabilities and try to find your own exploits.

And there is no need to say that you can use it to try to unlock iPhone for example or just to explore it. Since Apple integrated their devices with X-Gold chips by Infineon we can perform iPhone baseband core dump in a very simple way which I show you in my tutorial guide below.

Dump iPhone Baseband Memory

The very first thing you need to do is to create log file of baseband crashes and the stack trace.

Note: Before dumping the memory you should activate the Baseband Core dump function on you iPhone. When done use these simple steps:

Baseband Core Dump How To

Step one: Open Cydia, search for Minicom and install it.

Step two: Configure Minicom to communicate through supported port

Step three: Type following command into the Minicom to trigger an exception.


In other words this command will dump the baseband memory and that is exactly what we want.

Step four: If you done everything correctly then the message “Baseband Core Dump in Progress” will appear on the iPhone screen. Just wait for couple of seconds or minutes, depends on your baseband processor.¬†It’s basically dumping a bunch of information from memory about the current state of the kernel.

Step five: Your dump info should be saved directly into the iPhone. Just navigate to the following directory:

cd /var/wireless/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Baseband

All data is formatted like:


And that’s all you should do to dump iPhone baseband memory. This method is very easy and doesn’t require some special hacker’s skills. Now you have your saved baseband data so just take it and begin to explore it whenever you like and whenever you want.

Also the cool feature the dump is segmented by baseband memory region. You can use alternative methods to dump the memory like OpeniBoot or NORDumper and perform the decryption of the data latter using simple Python script by DogBert.

I hope this info was useful for you. If I’m right share plz this info with others who are interested in iPhone unlock using share buttons below. Also if you have some questions you can use comment form below and I’ll be glad to answer you.