iPhone Bricked Can’t Restore Bug to Be Fixed

Have you heard of iPhone error 53 1970 bug? Users who tried to change the date on their iOS 9 smartphone back to 1970 found out they now own a bricked handset. Apple assures that it knows about the issue and working on the fix.

Users who report about iPhone bricked can’t restore problem decided to change the date as a joke. Some users were pranked. Others just didn’t believe they could brick their own iPhone this easy. Still there is a big amount of users who are in search for how to fix iPhone brick bug.

iPhone Bricked Error 53 Bug Fix

Apple should deliver the solution in its future software update. Right now the company is testing iOS 9.3 beta [both developers and public beta testers can now download iOS 9.3 beta 3]. Probably this iPhone firmware version will also fix ‘1970’ date bug that bricks iPhones across the world. The information is official. Apple reported about the upcoming fix through the Support website. Apple employees have a headache since last week because this was when users discovered the problem.

Once iOS 9.3 becomes public that changing of dates on iPhone should no longer result in smartphone brick. The issue will be gone. At least this is what both Apple and many users are hoping for. If you have the problem right now you might want to also contact Apple Support to get help. The ‘fruit’ giant could possibly replace your bricked phone until the problem is fixed. Just note that not all Apple stores are eager to replace your ‘1970’ bricked model with a new working one.

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