iPhone Incoming Call Notification Banner with Open App Interaction

The regular iOS 8 iPhone incoming call notification usually takes up the whole display. This way you should either reject the call or receive it. If you are using an application at this moment you won’t be able to get back to it while you are getting the call unless you get iPhone call banner feature that allows users interacting with the applications while getting the phone call.

A big number of users finds the situation with screen-size-phone-call annoying. Luckily there is one simple and fun tweak you can use if you are jailbroken. It sadly doesn’t support iOS 8.4.1 version since it cannot be jailbroken.

iOS Incoming Call Notification Tweak

Step 1. If you are ready to get incoming calls as banners displayed at the screen’s top you can download CallReply beta tweak developed by iMokhles. Remember to add the following source to your Cydia repo: apt.imokhles.com.

Step 2. Install the tool.

Step 3. This iOS tweak has not configurations. You cannot change the banner colors or look. You can only use what devs offer.

Step 4. When installed, the tool will automatically display your incoming calls at the top of the screen. You’ll see the phone number or caller name. You’ll have the option to answer your call or reject it. At the same time you can continue using your other applications.

Step 5. If you don’t answer or reject the call you won’t be able to dismiss this iOS 8 banner.

Remember that the new tweak exists in beta only. It might not be that stable but it still works on iOS 8 and helps to interact with the currently open app while getting information about the upcoming calls.