iPhone Lost iMessages Glitch on iOS 7 Firmware

There is a big problem with Apple devices and software. Some users who wish to switch from their iPhone to another handset or tablet might lose their iMessages. This doesn’t affect all users but those who face iMessage glitch cannot get help from Apple Customer Support.

The company says it is aware of the lost iMessages on iPhone but is not able to deal with this problem. According to Adam Pash who used to edit Lifehacker, the famous iPhone maker when he lost his messages Apple did nothing to fix the issue as it simply has no solution how to deal with message delivery glitch.

Lost iMessages on iOS 7 smartphones that have been disabled by their owners simply cannot forward the messages sent from other users to the new active cell phone. Instead, they continue being routed to the disabled gadget. The result is upsetting, as the receiver gets not message at all.

According to Pash, his messages were lost once he began using the Android gadget instead of iOS one. He contacted the customer support and hear that this was a problem to a lot of users. The support assured that Apple’s engineering team was looking for the solution but was at the moment “apparently clueless as to how to fix it.”

The first reports about the iMessage glitch appeared back in 2011. Sadly, it is still not fixed. All you can try to do: turn off iMessages before you deactivate your iDevice. This way it might be removed from the Cupertino-based company’s system in time to stop forwarding messages to your old device.

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