iPhone Touch ID Scanner Security Doubts: How Safe and Secure Is It?

Are you satisfied with your iPhone Touch ID scanner security? How can you be sure that no hacker accesses your personal information by using various methods that allow bypassing lockscreen? These questions arise in every Apple customer’s mind once in a while. Hackers also add their doubts assuring that this is not the type of security you can rely on completely.

How secure is iPhone fingerprint scanner? Hackers from the Chaos Computer Club also known as CCC shared some thoughts on this important topic. CCC know about security more than anyone can imagine because they have already hacked Apple’s Touch ID scanner and know for sure that it is possible to bypass this security option using an image of a fingerprint.

CCC is the biggest hacker association in Europe. They have proved that if you have a public photograph of a fingerprint of a person whose iPhone you can get in hands, you can also create a fake fingerprint and access this smartphone with ease.

Of course, chances that a hacker will get your iPhone and find a photograph of your fingerprint are low. Such method can work with famous people, celebs and politicians. For ordinary customers, there are other tools hackers can use. We’ve mentioned different black box tools that can use brute-force method to guess your passcode and bypass the scanner security by entering your real passcode. This is also the reality and Apple cannot deny that it is truly possible to hack its Touch ID security in multiple ways.

Even modern biometric security cannot be the one reliable tool that protects your iPhone or other smartphone from intruders. The companies have to think of other security methods as well. What do you think about this? Are you still sure that your Touch ID scanner is secured enough for you not to worry about anything?