Useful iPhone Typing Tips for iOS 8 Users

Are you using iOS 8 firmware on your iPhone? While it is impossible to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 platform right now because Apple patched the exploits used for iOS 8.4 and earlier versions jailbreak – it is possible to use iPhone typing tips that are simple and do real tricks.

Apple gadget offers a lot of features. You can use shortcuts, special symbols, thumbs and auto-correct option but these are not all the tricks available for iPhone owners. There are fast and easy-to-use iPhone typing trick features you will fall in love with.

Guide for Typing on iPhone

* Type .com

When you are on Safari you can click-hold the period key and you will see a list of domains to choose from. There is no need to type .com every time.

* Undo

When you need to undo something [made a mistake] you can just shake your iPhone and this will undo big amounts of texts. Don’t use this when you need to delete only one letter.

* Currency Symbols

Whenever you wish to use symbols you can click-hold ‘$’ or period / coma on the keyboard and it will show you more symbols to select.

* Auto-correct

When you want to use contractions you can add an extra letter. For example you can type ‘welll’ and it will be automatically changed into we’ll by iPhone.

* Complete sentences

When you want to add sentences with a dot automatically you can double click on the spacebar at the end of the sentence. This will add a period and make space so that you can start a new sentence.


If you want to turn your text into all caps you can double click on the Shift key and it will be locked in the Caps mode.

These are some simple and useful typing tips each iPhone users should know.