iPhone Users Report iOS 9 Attachments Issues with Emails

The number of iOS 9 bugs and problems keeps growing while Apple is testing the next iOS 9.1 beta firmware version. This time users report iOS 9 email problems that relate to their POP email accounts and attachment files.

A lot of complaints are posted on Apple support forums. This is the place where current and new users come to voice their concerns and report most recent problems discovered. Having issues with emails is not fun.

iOS 9 Email Problems Attachment Issues

The discussion has reached over 200 responds so the problem seems to be common to a lot of people who installed iOS 9 using direct download links or OTA-update option. The most recent version presented by Apple was iOS 9.0.2 however it is not clear which version causes the new iOS 9 attachments issues and POP email bugs. It’s worth to note that this is not the only major issue users have with the 2015 Apple mobile firmware version.

iOS 9 Email Attachments Issue

What exactly do users experience? According to complains, when some iOS 9 iPhone or iPad owners try to open their email that contains attachment or attachments, they get the following error message: ‘Message not yet downloaded from server’ and the issue seems to be constantly repeated.

Users with POP accounts get the issues on their new and old emails. The very same message appears even after users try to delete their account and then add it back in. The most interesting thing about this bug is that it occurs to older emails that were first shown and then became reported as those there were ‘not being downloaded from the server’ just like all other problematic messages.

Those who tried to fix iOS 9 email problems by disabling / enabling WiFi connection, downloading third-party programs for emails, removing email addresses assure that all these methods don’t work. Hopefully Apple will soon release the fix solution to all iOS 9 issues.

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