How to Make All iPhone Words in Capitals [iOS 8 Tips]

Is it possible to keep iPhone in all caps? Yes, everything is possible [for example, there are some cool keyboard shortcuts for iTunes] and you can use iOS 8 tricks to make all iPhone words in capitals. Why would you want it? Users who like to text a lot and wish to emphasize their message can create sentences in all caps using a single tap of a finger. This trick helps you when you have typed the message already and don’t want to re-type it again.

iOS 8 makes iPhone capitalize word option available when you normally double click on the Shift key on the virtual keyboard [this shouldn’t change in the upcoming iOS 8.3 public version]. There is a hidden feature you can use instead. It is simpler and faster to apply then re-typing or deleting anything.

How to Change iPhone All Caps Texting with a Click

Step 1. Once again you won’t delete anything. There is no need to re-type what you have already written. At the same time, you can make all the words in your message in capitals. You can use this guide for different applications, including iOS 8 Messages, Pages and Notes.

Step 2. To begin, you have to highlight the sentence or word you wish to capitalize.

Step 3. With a word / phrase being highlighted you should click-hold inside the word and click Select.

Step 4. Now with the word being highlighted and selected you have to click twice on your Shift turning it into your Caps Lock option.

Keep iOS 8 iPhone All in Caps

Step 5. The word will change into all caps style.

Step 6. It is needed to make your QuickType option visible. Click on the QuickType menu and your lowercase word will be all capitalized.

Step 7. You can repeat with with as many words as you want to change your sentences into all caps on iOS 8 iPhone or iPad.

This trick is tricky and it doesn’t work with all words. Besides, you have to add the words you wish to capitalize to your iOS 8 dictionary.

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