Jailbroken iPhone Users Can Be Affected by New Malware App

Android users get more risks from malware than iPhone users. It’s not because of better iPhone malware protection. Reports say that different parties are eager to take over Android’s popularity and thus create malicious programs that can steal your money and personal information. iPad and iPhone after jailbreak can also get programs that are designed to get your data, but the number of such applications is not very high.

One user on Reddit found a background application on his iDevice that was malicious. The program was searching for Apple IDs. Still not everyone risks to download the same or similar iPhone malware app on his or her smartphone / tablet because there are particular catches. For example, you must be jailbroken in the first place. Besides, you should visit and download apps from risky sources.

iPhone Malware Risks for Jailbroken iDevices Are High

In other words, if you haven’t jailbroken your gadget you can’t download and install the dangerous files. iPhone malware risks are minimized to customers who are against jailbreaking and carefully update to each new iOS release.

If you still happen to somehow download a malicious application for the iPad or iPhone you can always disable it by turning off all Cydia tweaks. The person on Reddit mentions “unflod Baby Panda” malicious title but the dangerous app can be named differently. The application was downloaded from Chinese website.

You can use Cydia and be safe downloading programs from this popular jailbreak app store. This way you can feel protected as no one would listen to your traffic or steal personal information such as ID and password.

Users who suffer from the malicious application can get rid of Unfold.dylib binary to delete this file. It is also advised to change your password to protect yourself. Still no one can tell you for sure whether such apps come with extra malware gifts or not. The best protection is surely update to iOS 7.1 which cannot be jailbroken at the moment.

The question is. Are you eager to lose jailbreak for best iPhone malware protection or not?