It Should Be Legal to Unlock iPhones in the U.S.: Opinion by The White House and FCC

Yesterday iPhone unlock illegal act in the U.S. was commented by Obama’s administration. What does President think about the whole issue?

It’s not surprising that Barack Obama supports the ability of Apple customers to legally unlock iPhone 5 and other models. The public message was sent through press-release, and you can read the official announcement after the jump.

iPhone Unlock Illegal

The Position of the White House About Illegal iPhone Unlock

Take a look at what the White House declared about illegal unlock decision. According to Obama’s administration, the time has come to make iPhone unlocking legal again.

It all started with a virtual petition that was signed by thousands of iOS users who believed they had the right to unlock their iPhones legally and officially. The result is striking, as the White House publicly agreed with the 114,000+ of iPhone owners who think that customers “should be able to unlock their cell phones without risking criminal or other penalties.”

The White House thinks that it should be legal to unlock iPhones and tablet computers in order to use them on different networks, because consumer’s choice should be protected and the wireless market should stay competitive meeting people’s needs.

As we look at the penalties for illegal unlock we will see that there is also criminal responsibility for using it.

Does it mean that iPhone 5 unlock ban can be changed and users might get a chance to freely and legally unlock iPhone devices again?

The Opinion of the FCC Regarding Illegal iPhone Unlocking

The unofficial announcement of FCC action states as follows here.

We now wonder if the Librarian of Congress can change its decision which permitted the phones unlock starting in January 2013. Does the Obama Administration have enough power to help U.S. customers? Will it finally become legal to unlock phones when you are not bound by your carrier’s service agreement? Will the White House and the FCC play an important rule in offering customers the freedoms they deserve?

The citizen petition that people filed with the White House has been pretty successful. Maybe it can make cell phone unlocking an officially permitted exclusion from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act once again since it was removed by the Library of Congress in the end of 2012.

How to Legally Unlock iPhone

While we are waiting on the decision from the Congress you can still factory your iPhone. If you are in USA, please make order only for gadgets made before January 27, imei2013 because we still don’t know what decision will come from the Congress. But if you live outside US you can order unlock now using direct links below:

So far the news is great. We’ll see how things will develop with time. Stay tuned!