What to Do if I Lost My iPhone: Protection and Tracking

Have you lost your iDevice? It is highly advised to protect it from possible theft but if it already happened to you, you should not waste your time. There is a list of important steps you have to follow right now.

What to Do If I Lost My iPhone

Step 1. Try to call your device. Maybe it wasn’t stolen. If someone picks it up and is eager to return it you are so lucky.

Step 2. If you think that you lost your handset in your house you can use Find My iPhone program to Play Sound. Do it through iCloud.

Step 3. If you believe that the gadget is stolen you better turn on Lost Mode through Find My iPhone – Place. This way you can lock the gadget with your password.

Step 4. If you have your IMEI saved you can find how to track lost iPhone and try to track it.

Step 5. In case you are sure that the smartphone has been stolen you might need to erase all your personal data through Find My iPhone app.

Step 6. You are also advised to change your passcodes and emails [as well as delete credit card from Apple Pay] that are linked to the smartphone you lost.

Step 7. Call your carrier and report the iPhone was stolen or lost. They can blacklist it using your IMEI.

Step 8. You might like to also file a police report.

How to Protect iPhone from Theft

There is a number of things you must do even before anything happens to your fruit smartphone. If you don’t do them you might not even be able to act as advised above.

Step 1. Use Touch ID option and enable passcode [learn how to set up a complex password] feature on your iDevice.

Step 2. Remember to backup every day.

Step 3. Turn on Find My iPhone program.

Step 4. Remember IMEI or write it down somewhere to easily reach in case of emergency. You can locate this number in Settings – General – About or dial *#06# to have it on your display.

Step 5. You can create information about yourself so that Siri knows whose iPhone this is.

We have hopes your iPhone will never get lost.