Mac App Store Authentication Issues Explained

Mac users had problems with downloading apps from the Apple stores lately. The company emailed application developers and explained the current Mac App Store authentications issues a lot of people have to face. Will there be a fix and when? Keep on reading.

We already shared with you the news about Mac applications being damaged due to authentication issues. Some of the popular and not so popular programs simply don’t open on Macs and users try various fix while nothing really helps that much. According to the letter Apple sent to registered devs, Store Mac-authentication problems will be fixed in the future OS X upgrade. This means the problem is with software.

What does it also mean is you can’t do really much about the bug if you experience once but there is a fix shared through Twitter:

How to Fix Mac App Authentication Fail Error Problem

The copy of email received from Apple was published by one developer who stands behind a number of programs, including Watermarker 2 and Thumbtack and shared via Twitter. The bug is related to the old Mac App Store certificate expiration. As noted by Apple, users who wish to get rid of the problem can clear their system cache. For now this solution should work.

If you keep getting the same problem in the future you should look up for the next system update. Apple promises to address the problems with caching [the latest OS X El Capital release brought split screen view you can enjoy].

Developers who were using older OpenSSL versions that do not offer the SHA-2 certificate [it was released this fall] support should know that Apple replaced it with SHA-1 certificate this week. However the company says its AppleCare support team is also aware of the problem and can assist any user or developer who contacts the company.

While most problems are fixed with the certificate update, there is a number of Mac applications that could fail verification and their developers can fix this by following the Receipt Validation Programming Guide offered by the ‘fruit’ company.

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