Open Jailbreak Site by Famous iOS Hacker Is Now Up and Running

P0sixninja doesn’t make fake promises. If he promised to create a source that is bigger and better than an ordinary iOS jailbreak he would keep his promise. Well, his Open Jailbreak site has gone live! You can take a look at it now.

We’ll also explain what OpenJailbreak is and why is has been created. You can guess that it is managed by P0sixninja and other hackers who are working on developer exploits for Apple firmware jailbreaking expected by millions of iPhone and iPad users from all over the world.


OpenJailbreak Website

Well-known hacker said he had so many pieces of codes in different projects that he decided to combine everything he had on one source. Such repository is called an open source jailbreak and it is really more impressive than hacks and exploits released for different version of iOS firmware for iPod touch / iPhone / iPad devices.

Whoever is interested in jailbreak can now contribute to utility creations. Hopefully this repo will allow hackers finding exploits in the future versions of mobile operating system for Apple devices much quicker.

OpenJailbreak source

Details on the Site

You can visit the site at [it is built on Redmine web app] and find a lot of open source projects there. It contains various crash reports, DMG and IPSW files and HFS partitions. The website will grow and you will get more projects you can contribute to. Right now you can choose Projects to view all the projects available now.

This source will surely become valuable among iOS hackers and fans of jailbreaking. What things would you expect from this platform in the future? Do you think that Open Jailbreak can really help to develop iOS 7 jailbreak faster since it creates communication way for devs and hackers?

I know how devoted jailbreaking masters to their job. We will tell you more about this new project by Joshua Hill so keep an eye on our site as we’ll write about any progress achieved by Open Jailbreak this year.